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It's not that easy. Most record companies are not just out looking for random people who have good songs. You would probably have to know someone to get your lyrics out there. Maybe you can post your song on YouTube. Someone could see it there.

You pretty much have to be employed by a record company as a writer. Best bet is to get with some musicians and see if they need help writing lyrics......stainglassjaw

go to the talent2k webpage (Google it!)

I think you should continue to write lyrics, it's better to have your own blog or website, refresh it twice a week with your lyrics, submit your pages to every good bookmarks, expose your site frequently, so as to build your reputation, and people will find you...

Good luck!


Better yet, simply go which will expose your music to radio stations, Record labels, magazines etc.

You can actually upload your word or MP3 files safely and protected.Well worth the nominal investment to advance your career!!

I have a current tune actually being reviewed by Record company now. No promises, but at least somebody is actually listening to my song!

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The best place to find out is the internet and oh yeah go to my site

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Mail the 1st copy of the song to yourself don't open it. Once you rec'v. it to yourself, then mail the copy to the artist you want it to go to. This is called a poor man's copyright.

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Q: How can you send lyrics into a rap artist?
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