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Male have muscular body feature.

Muscular , co'z weight lifter.

Female ready for sex all the time/

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Q: How do you identify a scorpion from a male and a female?
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What is a male scorpion called?

A male and female scorpion are both simply called, scorpion. The female scorpion, however, tends to be the more dominant sex, being quit a bit larger.

Who takes care of a young scorpion the male or female?


How Capricorn male with scorpion female?

Yes, it works.

How do you identify a male stingray?

the male is bigger than the female

What is a female scorpion called?

what the female scorpion are called

What do you call a female and male hound?

The terms used to identify a female and male hound are the same as those used to identify other breeds of dogs. The male is simply called a dog, and the correct term for the female is a bitch.

Are white rabbits male or female?

White rabbits can be either male or female. See the related question below for info and links with pictures that can help you identify if your rabbit is male or female.

How can you identify the sex of a bald eagle?

Normally the female is larger then the male

How can you tell between a male and a female scorpion?

The first answer given is untrue. (crossed out below) First of all there are male and female scorpions and secondly there are reasons for wanting to know this. From what I have read, you can tell the difference between a male and female scorpions by counting the amount of teeth they have. Females tend to have less teeth than males. Of course this is entirely dependant on the type of scorpion that you are looking at. But if this is true I do not know. there is no reason anyone would want to know that, and you cant, there is one gender scorpion, they don't reproduce like we do.

How do you identify male ladybug larvae to female larvae?

they have less spots and a darker red than female

What sign is a female cancer compatible with?

She is compatible with a male Scorpio (The Scorpion), Pisces (Fish), Virgo (The Virgin), and Taurus (The bull).

What is the female of a beetle?

There is no name given to identify the sex of a beetle. They are just referred to as the "male" or "female" beetle.