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To join an orchestra, pass the audition.

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Q: How do you join an orchestra?
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When did the Viola join the orchestra?

Violas join the orchestra at 1900 times no just jockeying I DONT EVEN CARE!

What orchestra did Billie Holiday join in the year of 1938?

The Count Basie Orchestra.

How do you join the London Symphony Orchestra?

Go on the website

Why did the out fielder join the orchestra?

So hE could play first bass

How does a person join an orchestra?

It's most commonly through an audition.

When did the violin join the orchestra?

Andrea Amati was developer of the violin in the mid 1500s. Since then, the violin and the violin family instruments, joined the orchestra.

Are the 12 cellists from Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra good?

Yes, or they wouldn't have been able to join.

When did the drums join the orchestra?

The bass drum and snare drums joined the orchestra in the early 1800's. A great example for a massive percussion battery in an orchestra is "Wellington's Victory" (Opus 91) by Beethoven. The timpani, presumably the oldest drums used in orchestra, dates back to the Baroque period.

When did the piano join the orchestra?

to be loud and obnoxious. and require a very boring/fat person to operate the piece of junk.

Can two people form an orchestra?

Yes. I am currently in the process with my friend. Basically, just make a list of intsruments you think will be in the orchestra, and check them off the list as you find the musicians who agree to join.

What subjects do you recommend I do to enter the performing arts in university?

If you are interested in theatre then join a drama club if you like music then join the choir, band or orchestra and take private lessons

What orchestra is the biggest orchestra?

The biggest orchestra is the syphony

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