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Les Pauls are not made with a whammy bar in mind. They do not have the right bridge. You would need to modify the bridge and drill holes in the back of your LP to get a decent whammy bar fitted.

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Q: How do you put a wammy bar on a les paul?
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How do you put a whammy bar on a schecter?

There is usually a hole right below the place where you put the strings in, but if there isn't then that's not a guitar that you can put a wammy bar on it.

Can you put Maestro Vibrola on a Les Paul?


Can you put a tremolo bridge on a Les Paul?

Yes you can.

What guitar maker was put as a Google doodle on his 96th birthday?

les paul

Who invented the les paul?

Well of cause Les Paul invented the Les Paul but there have been manyrumours saying that they just put Les Paul's name on the great guitar. This guitar has the great hum bucking pickups that (as the name sugests) humbucks the buzz leaving a clean sound. Sorry I went a bit off track

Can you put nine gauge strings on a Les Paul?

Yes you can put 9 gauge strings on a Les Paul, and any other electric guitar. If you are switching from a different gauge you must re-innotate your guitar so the neck has the right amount of tension on it, to much or to little tension and it is bad for the neck.

What was the name of slashes guitar?

something along the lines of appetite for destruction series or whatever les paul by Gibson. just get any gold top Gibson les paul and put his pickups and some good tuners in it, it will save you a whole lot of money

Is there space for storing things in a Les Paul case?

on the ones that come with the guitar there is a spot to put stuff under the neck about 3x5x7"

What size strings go on Gibson Les Paul guitars?

regular 10-46 or 11-49 .. you can put anything on them and it will play.

Im building my own guitar and am going to buy the body and the neck and I currently have a EVH frakenstein replica pickup Which kinda body and wood will go well with it will a les paul body sound good?

just sell those to get emgs, then put them on a les paul body.

What guitar did Duane Allman play?

Duane started with a fender Stratocastor and then got a 1957 goldtop les paul. it was with this Gibson les paul that he also switched to Marshall amps. He then obtained a 1958 tobacco burst Les paul & a 1959 Cherry sunburst les paul. he still liked the sound in the gold top pick-ups best, but the feel of the later year Gibsons. So he switched out the pick-ups of the 1957 gold top & put them in the tobacco burst gibson. Today those 3 gibsons could fetch over a million dollars w/o the celebrety that Mr Allman would also bring them. I hope Gregg has them put away in a safe place. i would love to ask him about his legendary brother & those guitars.

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