How do you think Mizuno MP-59 and 69 irons?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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They are the new golf equipment have come into the market. Where? have offered the Mizuno MP-69 lrons now. You will have the new feeling on Golf games. Buy Mizuno MP-69 lrons at Mizuno MP-69 lrons are suitable for all periods of people. New golf clubs sets.

Mizuno are widely-regarded as one of the best when it comes to irons, and their new Mizuno MP-69 lrons blades appeal to the better player.In terms of looks, the Mizuno MP-69 lrons are as visually-pleasing as their predecessors but there is certainly an larger element of forgiveness about the new clubs, in spite of their bladed appearance.

Mizuno MP-59 lrons have been launched. Mizuno has forged a titanium pad into the back of the head using the weight saved by this move to improve forgiveness. Mizuno's Grain Flow forged feel and classic shallow cavity design will attract many low and mid handicap players. The Mizuno MP-59 irons will hit the shelves in Autumn 2011.

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Q: How do you think Mizuno MP-59 and 69 irons?
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