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Pretty far.. around the world,, but alot of people mistake hip-hop for just MCing or just Break Dancing.. its actually Graffiti, Dj, Break Dance, MCing..

its more of a life style

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Q: How far did Hip - Hop spread?
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Is it hip hop or hip-hop?

It's more correctly spelled hip-hop.

What does hip hop known as?

... hip hop?

How do you get to be hip hop star?

by being hip AND hop by being hip AND hop

How do you say hip hop in spanish?

I love hip hop translates to Spanish as me encata el hip hop or me amo el hip hop.

Is it true there is a secret behind hip hop?

There is no real answer! hip hop is hip hop!

How do you say hip hop in German?


How many hip hop songs have been made?

Far too many...

What is the difference between southern hip hop and northern hip hop?

Southern hip hop is more lyrical.

What type of music is the hip hop using?

Hip hop.

What is the language of hip hop?

Hip-hop language of slang.

Is step up 3 rap or hip hop?

hip hop rap is when you rhyme hip hop is more broad then that.

How is instrumental hip hop different from ordinary hip hop music?

Instrumental hip hop music varies from traditional hip hop music as it incorporates more musical instruments. Traditional hip hop mainly has just a basic beat.