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in 45 years

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Yes he is

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Q: How long is dmx going to be in jail?
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When is DMX getting out of jail?

He was released at 0700, 18 July 2011. However he has not been tried yet for his arrest for Reckless Driving on 24 August 2011.

What is it called when someone is told how long they will be going to jail for 'you are to 10 years in jail'?

They are sentenced

What are the rewards of a responsible person?

Not going to jail. Living a long time. Having friends. Having a job. Not going to Jail.

How long is Vanessa Hudgens going to be in jail for?

Anyone who thinks Vanessa Hudgens is going to be in jail is stupid. She is not going to be in jail.

Is dmx still alive and rapping?

yes dmx is still alive although i dont know bout him rapping havent heard nothing from him in a while but i heard he is in jail for something in Arizona

How long will you serve in jail if you jump and rob someone with a gun involved?

your not going to jail your going to prison.Added: Armed robbery is a felony offense.

Is rapper dmx going to fight in the UFC?

yes dmx will appear in the oct-24-2009 first bout of the night against deigo sanchez

How long is TI going to jail for?

i think bout one year

What to do when someone is going to jail and still owes on a car?

yes, depending on how long the person is going to jail if they get life its sold and if short term a relitive takes it

How long are you going to be in twitter jail?

You will be in twitter jail for 3-9 Hrs or 1 or 30 days Nv know

How long is he going to be in jail?

Up to ten years and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

How long is Lil Wayne going to jail?

7 Month's &26 Day's(: