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you can not lose that many pounds starv your self tell 4 weeks our so you should lose 40 pounds

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: How many points are in wheat pasta with sauce Weight Watchers?
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How many Weight Watchers plus points are there in a meatball in sauce?

how many weight watchers points plus are in a meatball in sauce

How many weight watchers points in apple sauce?

Depends where you buy the apple sauce.

How many Weight Watchers points in hot sauce?

it varies on the different sauces you get, some can be a lot and some can be as little as 2 points. i have been with weight watchers for the past 7years and i am in fine figure, i recommend the weight watchers hot sauce.

How many points plus is cocktail sauce on weight watchers?

how many points for mussels

How many Weight Watchers points on a cup of spaghetti sauce?


How many Weight Watchers points are steak fajitas?

2 points without the sauce mayo

How many weight watchers points in 3 oz of sweet and sour sauce?


How many points plus is a cup of whole wheat pasta with meatballs and sauce?

About 10 points plus

Where was pasta sauce invented?

pasta sauce was made by the Italy people (almost all pasta sauce) but the Chinese people found yummy pasta

How many Weight Watchers points in vegetable fajitas?

Most veggies are zero points. The wrap part might be 3-4 points depending on size. Maybe allow 3-6 points I'm case there's corn, cheese, sauce of done kind.

Where does pasta sauce come from?

Tomato pasta sauce comes from Tomato's.

How many weight watcher points is 1 tablespoon of pasta sauce?

If you mean spaghetti sauce, it would be less than 1 point. 1/4 cup of regular marinara is 1 point, and 1 Tbs. is 1/4 of that, but there are no half or quarter points. It comes out as 0.

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