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Marley had 13 children and one wife; only 3 (or possibly 4) of the children were by her, the others being either adopted by his marriage or to other women.

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Q: How many wives and children did Bob Marley have?
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How many children does Bob Marley have?

Bob Marley has 11 children

How many kids do Bob Marley have in all?

bob marley had twelve children

How many of Bob Marley's children sing?

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Did Bob Marley have kids and if so how many?

Thirteen children

What was Bob Marley's last wives name?

Rita Anderson

Was Bob Marley and lauryn hill involved?

She has 5 children by Rohan Marley Bob Marleys fourth son

Who was Bob Marley's wife?

Marley had only one wife, Alpharita Anderson, usually called Rita Marley; she bore 3 (or arguably 4) of his many children.

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it was bob Marley

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