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Lets start with Buddy Holly first.

Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney were influenced by Buddy Holly's songwriting, his use of "over-dubbing" (which meant he recorded a part of the song then "rewound" the song and recorded over parts of the song thereby enriching the song itself), and his unique sound.

Buddy Holly was very talented and his music ranged from "get up off your seat and dance" to beautiful ballads which included Orchestra arrangements (i.e. "True Love Ways").

Elvis left his mark on all of The Beatles starting with the unique "Sun Records Sound" (lots of echo) and Elvis' stage presence.

Each member was also appreciate of Elvis' ability to take a song and make it "his own" through vocal and musical arrangements.

John Lennon recalled that when he first heard Elvis' recording of Heartbreak Hotel it made his "hair stand up on its' end".

When the Beatles went to Elvis home in California on August 27, 1965, about a year after the Beatles' Manager Brian Epstein had worked it out with Elvis' Manager Colonel Tom Parker, each of the Beatles were so impressed with meeting Elvis that Elvis (who was on the couch watching a TV with the sound turned off) said "if all you are going to do is stare at me all night I'm going up to bed". Well, that broke the ice and within minutes a record was put on and the Beatles jammed with Elvis for several hours.

At one point Paul McCartney commented on how impressed he was that Elvis knew how to play the Bass Guitar (note: Elvis was self taught to play the Bass Guitar as well as the Piano).

That night was recorded with several photographs, including an autograph of each of the Beatles, but (sadly) no one thought to pull out a movie camera OR a tape recorder.

When Elvis died on August 16, 1977 each of the Beatles paid their respects in writing and publicly stated that "without Elvis...there was nothing".

Elvis had great respect for the Beatles and their incredible song writing talents and musical gifts. Thou they never met again they had mutual respect for one another.

Lastly, on another note Buddy Holly actually performed with Elvis onstage in 1955 at the Lubbock Cotton Club. Buddy Holly at the time was a high school senior and his band played Country Songs. However, on this night Buddy Holly(for the first time ever) played Rock N Roll songs.


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Q: How were the Beatles influneced by Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley?
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