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Yes. A bass strap is thicker so that it can support the weight of the bass, while the guitar strap is thinner because guitars are lighter than bass-guitars.

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There really isn't a difference. A guitar strap is a guitar strap.

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Q: Is there a difference between a guitar strap and a bass guitar strap?
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What is the difference between a electric bass and a electric guitar?

6 string guitar = treble electric bass= bass

What is the difference between and electric bass and an acoustic guitar?

There are several differences between electric bass and an acoustic guitar. A bass guitar has only four strings, which are thicker, while an acoustic guitar has thinner strings and has six of them.

What is the difference between bass and acoustic?

When you play the bass guitar chord it is longer than the acoustic guitar chord and the acoustic is for country or rock songs

What is a guitarone?

The guitarron is the bass guitar commonly used by mariachis. It is about the size of a bass fiddle and hangs from the player's neck by a strap.

What is one difference between an electric lead guitar and an electric bass guitar?

An electric base guitar is usually tuned an octave lower than an electric lead guitar.

What is the difference between a rhythm and a bass guitar?

A rythym guitar is an electric or accoustic guitar playing chords to keep rythym and the bass guitar is used to anchor down the harmonics and lay down the beat, basically smooth things out and either playing basic rythyms or beautiful harmonics.

What is difference between the base guitar the bass guitar and a folk guitar?

base guitar= does not exist. bass guitar= a form of the stand up bass made to get a different sound and easier for transportation. Folk guitar= usually an acoustic guitar. not a specific brand or type. but an acoustic guitar. Folk guitar is a style like rock guitar, jazz guitar, metal guitar there are not different guitars, and style can be played on any guitar (obviously some are easier on certain types of guitars)

Is there a guitar for blues?

When people hear the word blues guitar they typically think of the four stringed guitar called a bass. This is a type of guitar but not technically a guitar because a guitar by definition is a 6-stringed instrument. Blues riffs can be played on any instrument. Guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, etc... So there is no specific instrument or in your case guitar that is for blues. The difference between a guitar and a bass? Down below is a link.

How do you ride a bike with a bass guitar and a bookbag?

I'd get a front mounted bicycle basked to put the book bag in, then I'd get a guitar case with a shoulder strap and carry the guitar on the back while riding.

Could someone snooping outside tell the difference between a sound wave for a bass guitar or violin?

You mean could they tell if someone was playing bass or violin? Yes.

What is the difference between electric and acoustic-electric bass guitar strings?

Bass strings are MUCH MUCH thicker. They use more metal to make and are also harder to make.