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What is the difference between a rhythm and a bass guitar?


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A rythym guitar is an electric or accoustic guitar playing chords to keep rythym and the Bass Guitar is used to anchor down the harmonics and lay down the beat, basically smooth things out and either playing basic rythyms or beautiful harmonics.

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the difference between bass and guitar is a bass normally has 4 or 5 strings but guitars have 6 strings. bass guitars are used for rhythm most of the time but guitars are usually used for melody. bass guitars are 1 octave below guitars.

First of all, a "bass-guitar" is not a "bass-guitar" it's a electric bass. To tell the difference between a electric bass and a guitar is the electric bass has a lower sound to fit into the beat and the guitar has a higher pitch sound, even a acoustic guitar.

I play guitar. The most obvious reason is that the bass guitar is that gives the song backing so it sounds more full. The rhythm guitar gives more of treble sound but it is more versatile and can give off a bass sound too. Plus the rhythm guitar is more upfront while the bass guitar lurks in the background and fills in to give it a fuller sound. I mean unless you turn the bass up all the way on your stereo you don't really notice unless they play with a pick or if you had good ears or it's a quiet song you can hear the "plunk." Anyways, it's filler, but that's just my answer. It's rhythm and filler. The Bass guitar, along with the bass drum, adds the foundation, or bottom to the song. If you tap your foot to the music, you are tapping to that foundation. The rhythm guitar, fills in the holes, aka filling in the music between the beats of the drums, and the fullness of the bass. Together they form the rhythm section to the song.

There are several differences between electric bass and an acoustic guitar. A bass guitar has only four strings, which are thicker, while an acoustic guitar has thinner strings and has six of them.

on a five string bass guitar there are five strings, and on a six string bass guitar there are six strings

Guitar, Violin, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Harmonica, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.

guitar vocals drums bass lead guitar, lead vocal, drums, bass, rhythm guitar

i think like a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, and a drum kit complete with double bass

No. Rhythm guitar isn't an instrument, it's a role. The bass is a different guitar. In a band the rhythm guitarist plays an ordinary guitar but generally plays chords over the top of the lead guitarists flashier fret picking. Rhythm is a similar style to bass in that they keep the rhythm and aren't there for the glory but it is just an ordinary guitar Many bands have both; in fact, most bands with a rhythm player also have a bassist. Some examples are Guns n Roses (classic line-up; Izzy on rhythm, Duff on bass) and Candlemass (Mappe Bjorkman on rhythm, Leffe Edling on bass).

a bass guitar is used to add rhythm to a song ,much like a drum

When you play the bass guitar chord it is longer than the acoustic guitar chord and the acoustic is for country or rock songs

Bass-Paul Rhythm-John Lead-George Ringo- Drums

Yes. A bass strap is thicker so that it can support the weight of the bass, while the guitar strap is thinner because guitars are lighter than bass-guitars.Hope this helped :-)

A bass clef is used when playing bass guitar because you are plaing bass notes. Because you are using your left hand and not your ritght(treble clef).

A Bassist plays the Bass guitar. A Guitarist plays the "non-bass" guitar. Both are technically guitarists - The bass player provides the bottom of the sound.

A bass looks like a massive violin or cello. It stands to about mid-chest level. A double bass is much larger and stands usually to about your head. A bass guitar is more like an electric guitar in size.

Lead Guitar- Joe Perry Rhythm Guitar- Brad Whitford Bass Guitar- Tom Hamilton

- Electric Guitar - Rhythm Guitar - Bass Guitar - Drums - Harmonica - Synthesizers - Keyboards

In a modern rock group they are Lead, Rhythm, and Bass, the Bass guitar is part of the rhythm section together with the rhythm (2d) guitar and of course the drums. the basic lay-out of a modern rock quartet is Lead Guitar, rhythm Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Lead and rhythm can even be identical instruments playing, of course, different parts, the Bass has four strings, Lead and Rhythm would have six each unless twelve-string guitars were used. this basic band layout dates from early Beatles times. there were a very few rock trios, with One Guitar, one Bass, and a drummer such as the Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, for experts only!

Normally, you will find some of all of the following: piano, drums, guitar, and bass or bass guitar.

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