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In the state of Texas, there is a law that allows anyone a 3 day grace period to return a large purchase , such as a car or home within the 3 day time frame if you have changed your mind. And I do believe that law is nationwide.

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Q: Is there a law that gives you 3 days to cancel a contract on a house you just bought?
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Can you cancel the contract after closing on a house?

If contracts are signed and exchanged then the contract law of your country/state applies and you will not be able to cancel.

How many days by do you have to cancel a car contract in CO?

You cannot in any state. Their is no such thing as a cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile, unless someone came to your house uninvited and sold you a car. Otherwise, you bought it, so you own it, unless the dealer agreed to take it back and cancel the contract. Legally he does not have to.

What happens when a person dies while selling their house?

If the decedent has signed a binding contract to sell the house, then his or her estate must abide by it and sell the house according to the terms of the contract. The executor has no power to simply cancel the contract nor is the contract automatically cancelled by the death of the seller.

Can the renter cancel the home lease contract after sign the lease contract for lease the house?

Yes it is possibly to break the contract however you will most likely have to pay a penalty fee for breaking the contract.

In the State of Florida How many days do you have to cancel a new car purchase contract.?

There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. ------------------------------------------------------------- Always read your contract before you deal with dealer, And I think is 10 days is very common for cancel your contract but it all are depend on your down payment & dealer's financial condition.

Which sentence is correct- John and you bought a house or You and John bought a house?

John and you bought a house

You do not want to sell your house any more but you signed a contract can you cancel it?

It certainly depends on the local laws in your area but I have to tell you a signed contract is legal and binding - read all the print on the contract to see if there is anything stated on it that may pertain to your predicament.

How do you cancel a house lease agreement?

How long do you have after signing a lease to cancel it?

Can you cancel a house contract if the person who is buying changes from a cash deal to a mortgage after contract is signed?

That depends on the provisions in the contract. If the mortgage application process delays the transaction well beyond the agreed upon closing date that may provide a reason to cancel. Also, if the home inspection for the lender causes additional expense for the seller that may also provide a reason to cancel. You should seek the advice of an attorney or at least an experienced agent.

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