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jaded by aerosmith has some lyrics like that.

"talking about my, my, baby blue

(blue blue blue yeah)"

towards the end of the song. idk if its something else


A Madrugada song have it, called "Strange Colour Blue"

A R.E.M song called "Low" sounds alot like he sings Blue blue blue

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this is by no means a complete list. this list has not been edited; some songs are probably repeated. when there is both a vocal and an instrumental version of a song they are treated as if they were two different songs. some sources say Elvis Presley recorded as many as 19 songs with the word blue or blues in the title; other sources say he actually recorded 21 songs with blue or blues in the title.

blue spanish sky: chris isaak

blue bayou:roy orbison

California blue:roy orbison

blue angel:roy orbison

devil in a blue dress:mitch ryder

blue moon:the marcels

blue moon: Elvis/chris isaak/mavericks/nat king cole/dean martin/frank Sinatra

blue hotel : chris isaak

forever blue: chris isaak

blue velvet : tony bennett/bobby vinton

blue suede shoes:CARL PERKINS/Elvis

blue moon of KY: bill monroe/Elvis

blueberry hill:fats domino

blue monday: fats domino

blue Sunday: the doors

blue eyes (aka baby's got blue eyes): elton john

forever in blue jeans:neil diamond

love is blue: instrumental + vocal

blue skies: irving Berlin

mr. blue sky: ELO

blue eyes crying in the rain: hank Williams/written by Fred rose

tangled up in blue:bob Dylan

it's all over now baby blue: bob Dylan

mr. blue: the fleetwoods

my blue heaven:FATS domino

pale blue eyes:velvet underground

baby blue: badfinger

blue sky:allmans

goodbye blue sky pink Floyd

don't it make my brown eyes blue:crystal gayle

blue:joni mitchell

blues for baby and me:elton john

...rainbow blues:jethro tull

bell bottom blues: derek/dominos

bluer than blue:Michael Johnson

blue on black:Kenny waynes Shepard

courtesy of the red white and blue Toby Keith

mercy blues: Dwight yoakam/Alan Jackson

black and blue:van halen

blue monday:new order

blue Christmas:Elvis

blue Hawaii:Elvis

song sung blue:neil diamond

runnin' blue:the doors

blue morning, blue day: foreigner

behind blue eyes:the who

home of the blues:johnny cash/Dwight yoakam

blue:lee ann rimes

baby's got her blue jeans on:mel McDaniel

blueS: johnny CASH

I'll be blue for you:oak ridge boys

moody blue: Elvis

g.i. blues : Elvis

mean woman blues :Elvis

steamroller blues : Elvis (written by James Taylor)

mean woman blues: roy orbison

catfish blues/rolling stone blues:muddy waters

Blues in a Bottle:Lovin Spoonful

night owl blues: lovin' spoonful

fishin' blues:lovin spoonful

zahs' blues:gram parsons

midnight blue:Lou gram

midnight blue:cliff Richard

midnight blue: ELO

misty blue:Dorothy Moore (?)

blues stay away from me: recorded by many, many artists

blue bird:Helen reddy

blue bird:paul McCarthney

blues' themes:davie allan and the arrow

blue collar man:styx

blue autumn: bobby goldsboro

blue, blue day: DON GIBSON

blue Hawaii:billy vaughn

blue money:van morrisson

blue on blue: bobby vinto

blue star: felicia sanders

blue tango: bill black combo

blue winter: connie francis

bluebirds over the mountain: recorded by many, many artists

crystal blue persausan: Tommy James/shondells

true blue:Madonna

angel in blue:j. geils band

baby makes her blue jeans talk:dr. hook

house of blue lights: chuck miller

I'm blue(gong gong song): ikettes

indescribably blue: Elvis

g.i. blues: Elvis

inner city blues: Marvin gaye

is a bluebird blue: Conway Twitty

Jackie blue:ozark mountain daredevils

questions in a world of blue: julee cruise

suite judy blue eyes: c,s and Nash

lady blue:leon Russell

lavender blue:Sammy turner

learnin' the the blues: frank Sinatra

little blue man: betty Johnson

lonely blue boy:conway twitty

love is blue: the dells

mess of blues: Elvis

midnight blue: Melissa Manchester

navy blue: Diane reney

pretty blue eyes: Steve lawerence

red roses for a blue lady:

singing the blues: guy mitchell/Marty robbins

stone blue:foghat

swingin' Shepard blues: moe koffman quartette

venus in blue jeans: jimmy clanton

when my blue moon turns gold: Elvis

white lies/blue eyes: bullet

baby blue (1961): the echos

roses are red my love (aka roses are red my love violets are blue): bobby vinton

knee deep in the blues: gram parsons

big mouth blues: gram parsons

in your world of blue: julee cruise

something blue: Elvis

milk cow blues: has been recorded many, many times by many artists such as Elvis

worried man blues:a lot of artists such as woody gutherie and george Jones have recorded this song

the bluesman:written by hank Williams junior; also recorded by george Jones and dolly parton

waymore's blues: Waylon Jennings (co-written by waylon)

blue moon with a heart ache: roseanne cash

many of the above songs have been recorded by many artists. such as Danny o'keefe's good time charlie's got the blues has been covered by Elvis, waylon, leon Russell, Jerry Lee Lewis and Dwight yoakam.

rhapsody in blue.

blues from an airplane: Jefferson airplane

blue jungle: merle haggard

the weakest shade of blue:the pernice brothers.

mule skinner blues

deacon blue: steely dan

talkin' to the blues:Jim lowe

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Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John

Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle

Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley (and other artists)

Blue Moon - not sure of artist but it's in the movie "Grease"

Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue - Toby Keith

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain - Willie Nelson

Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea - George Harrison

Am I Blue - George Strait

Blue - Leann Rimes

Blue Bayou - Linda Rondstant

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Blue Moon

Blue on Blue

Blue Velvet


Blue on Black

Blue Monday

True Blue

Blue Room

Blue Suede Shoes

"A" Blues

Black eyes, Blue tears

You can search amazon music by song title to find these and many more. Or use iTunes.

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Blue Eyes- An EPIC song by Within Temptation!!

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There must be thousands if you count all the 'blues' songs from various parts of the USA.

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'Blue Jay Way', 'Yer Blues', and 'For You Blue'

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Beatles songs with blue in the title

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Songs with Blue in the title

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