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If the strings are hitting the frets and making noise that means that either your action is too low on the instrument or the tension of the strings might be too low. The easiest thing to do would be to try another set of strings with the higher tension. If that does not help, you have to take your guitar to a repair shop and they can adjust the action (easier done for electric than for classical Guitars).

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your guitar probably needs to be set up that's all just get your guitar store to adjust the truss rod and string gauge.

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Q: My guitar is making vibrations with the neck and sounds horrible because the strings are too loose on drop tunings?
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To reader, This answer is so easy the answer is 4. You think there's more because of different tunes. But that is the different tunings, bow or how you play. From India123girl.

What kind of guitar strings do metalcore bands use?

high gauge to get a better sound at dropped tunings.

How do the acoustic guitar strings work?

The key is tension. They are tight enough to achieve a pitch of a certain E , A .. to the thinnest strings. the tighter the strings the higher the note the looser the strings the lower the note there are a ton of guitar tunings outside of standard tuning. Use them to your advantage and see what they can do. Lower tunings are predominantly metal oriented but see what it can do for you. You can also tune higher for other ideas in the end you're the boss. Wikipedia can give you a gigantic list of alternate tunings besides standard E.... when I learned guitar I played in standard E for a year and never looked back.

How do you chose the right guitar string?

its all you really, some love thin strings because their less harsh on their hands, some like me love heavy strings.. low tunings go with thick strings, thin are great for standard. Regardless 10-46 is probably the best bet, their for regular players.

What notes are the strings on a guiter tuned to?

"standard" or "concert" tuning is EADGBE low to high. There are many possible tunings, however, dozens at least.

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There shouldn't be a problem with it. Ukulele strings are available in those tunings, but you may have to buy several different sets of strings to get the right notes.

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Yes, the strings are the same pitches, for more information about bass tunings and to tune your bass visit,

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its a certain type that GHS make. The reason being some guitars have extra strings is why. But you can take the thinnest out , restring whichever guitar and its perfect for metal in low tunings. heres why.. an optional read I suppose. the strings are 10 (highest or thinnest) 13 17 26 36 46 59 or 60 (thickest) so you can take the highest off and have a metal set , or not use the thickest string until your low E breaks. It will play no problem. Remember thick strings are great for low tunings.

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How do you change an ukulele's sound?

The use of the frets provides the change in notes. Different strings and tunings can provide different sounds, but in general, the sound is going to be pretty consistent.

How do guitar strings affect the pitch?

More than beginners think... You can buy strings especially made for jazz, blues, metal... You name it! Although there's not a big difference at first, they do. Thick strings never break and they stay in tune longer, not to mention are better for low tunings that sound awful on normal strings. But say standard on a death metal set are very hard to play at first, but some like Stevie Ray Vaughn play like that. Thin strings break a lot quicker, don't stay in tune as long and can go in higher than standard tunings. These have a looser feel and aren't as loud.

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the heavier the better just like 6 string guitars. 50-105 or so is great for low tunings. If you're bored try putting guitar strings on, these 4 certain ones can make it sound like a guitar which is called piccolo strings.

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