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Q: Saan nanggaling ang kantang ili ili tulog anay?
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History of ili-ili tulog anay?

history of ili ili tulog anay

What is the complete name of the writer of ili-ili tulog anay?

Ili-ili Tulog anay wala diri imo nanay Kadto tienda bakal papay ili ili tulog anay matakana dapangan mo ikarga ang nakumpra ko kaybugat man singputos ko kapangan mo ako anay ili ili tulog anay wala diri imo nanay kadto tienda bakal papay ili ili tulog anay The translation to English is not known.

What are the flute chords of ili ili tulog anay?

chords of ili ili tulong anay

What is the tempo of ili ili tulog anay?

Ilonggo Ili-ili, tulog anay, Wala diri imong Nanay, Kadto tienda bakal papay, Ili-ili, tulog anay Mata ka na, tabangan mo ikarga ang nakompra ko kay bug-at man sing putos ko tabangan mo ako anay Ili, ili, tulog anay wala diri imo Nanay kadto tienda, bakal papay ili, ili, tulog anay Translation: Hush, hush, sleep little one your mother is not here, she went to buy some bread hush, hush, sleep little one. You are awake, come and help carry the things I bought because it is heavy help me little one Hush, hush, sleep little one

What is the function of ili ili tulog anay?


Folk song in visayas?

ili ili tulog anay uhuy alibangbang

What are example of in unitary form?

Happy birthday...ili'y ili tulog anay .. Lupang Hinirang, Sampaguita

What is the time signature for ang pipit?

Time signature of ili ile tulog anay

What is the origin of the song ili ili tulog anay?

ili-ili tulog anay is a folk song. it is a lullaby song of the ILONGGOS not bikolanos. Ili-ili is the way you sway the baby when you are trying to put it to sleep. Ili-ili tulog anay is what the mothers, grandmothers or big sisters sing to the little ones when they re putting them to sleep. it is more popular in the province and the barrios because they sing it when they put the baby inside the abuy-aboy or duyan.

What are examples of unitary songs?

Happy BirthdaySampaguitaLupang Hinirang

When was Anay Tejeda born?

Anay Tejeda was born in 1983.

When was Anay Goswamy born?

Anay Goswamy was born on 1977-08-16.