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This song is about a young Damien who thinks he's in love with his Clarinet teacher's daughter. She doesn't return his feelings and turns down his advances. He attempts to go on with his life and it goes fine, except he still thinks of her sometimes. The shorter story refers to the fact that she didn't return his feelings (no love, no glory) so their story ends sooner than he had hoped. When he says we'll both forget the breeze, it makes me think of a summer breeze, or a summer fling, so possibly they had a physical encounter. Colder water is like being splashed in the face with cold water or being hit with reality. The blower's daughter is obviously his clarinet teacher's daughter, a pupil in denial is Damien not wanting to admit that there is no future for them. I think as Damien gets older he realizes that he didn't actually love her, and that she treated him poorly. This is the loathing and the leaving it all behind. He realized it wasn't really love, and he'll get over it when he meets someone new.

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Q: The meaning of the song Blowers daughter?
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