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Justin's mom was 17 his dad was 21

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Q: What age did Justin biebers mum and dad have him?
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Why does Justin Bieber's mom and dad live together?

Justin biebers mum and dad do not live together just him and his mum and his dad lives in Canada with his little sister and brother

Is Justin Biebers mam and dad together?

No they split up when Justin was very young

Why did justins biebers dad divorce his mom?

Justin's mum and dad were never married, so they separated because Justin's dad was away a lot of the time working.

Is Justin Biebers mom in jail?

Did Justin Biebers mum go too jail? no

Who is Justin Biebers mum?

pattie malette

Is justin biebers mum alive?

Yes. Of course she is.

Did Justin biebers mum die on his 19th birthday?

No. Justin's mom did not die

Why isn't Justin Biebers dad in his movie much?

Because his parents r divorced & he lives with his mum since he was 10 months old. He still does catch up with his dad

What happened to Justin Biebers mum?

Pattie Mallette is just fine.

Who is Justin Bierbers mum and dad?

Justin's mum is Pattie Lynn Mallette and his dad is Jeremy Bieber he also has a step mum called Erin Bieber.

How old was Justin biebers mum when she hadn him?

She was 18 when she had him so she will be 35 now.

Does Justin Bieber have a mum or dad?

to my knowledge both of Justin biebers parents are still alive. not sure whether or not the dad lives with him but i see his mom with him alot, she's pretty :). when i first saw her i thought she was justins sister! haha. hope i helped :)