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In 1964 at the age of 6 years old Michael Jackson performed for the first time with his brothers in a talent show. They took first prize.

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He began singing at the age of four. Very talented.

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Q: What age did Michael Jackson start singing at?
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When Michael Jackson start his singing?

at the age of 5 years old young Michael Jackson began his 45 year singing career

How did Micheal Jackson start singing at age 11?

With the Jackson 5

What age did mahalia Jackson start singing?


When did Michael stared singing?

He started singing with his brothers at age 5. Came up with the name "Jackson 5".

When did Michael Jackson become successful?

When he first started singing with his brothers at the age of 5

What did Michael Jackson do for jobs?

Michael never had a job other than singing. He began around age 6.

What was Michael Jackson's early career?

Michael Jackson was a singer at a young age he never stoped singing until 2009. And he started when he was about 6 or 5

What was Michael Jackson's first public appearance?

At age 5, Michael Jackson gave his first public performance singing Climb Every Mountain.

Where was Michael Jackson discovered?

He started out at a young age singing with his older brothers in a very popular group called the Jackson Five.

When did Michael Jackson first start preforming?

at the age of 5!

What age was Michael Jackson when he joined the Jackson 5?

10 or 11. he's dad made him sing. mj was very good at singing.

What is the age to start singing career?

people have started singing careers in all sorts of ages ,like Michael Jackson started when he was more or less 5 and some other people may start as 25 or 36. You can try and start as long as you're confident enough about yourself.