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Golf, and she likes to cook

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Q: What are Celine Dions hobbies?
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What is Celine Dions favorite food?


When did Celine Dions father die?

He died in 2003.

What is Celine Dions partners name?

Michael Taurima

What is Celine Dions husband called?

He is Rene Angelil.

When is Celine Dions next tour?

never...she died

What is Celine Dions faveourit colour of eyeshadow?


Are there any pictures of Celine Dions son?


What is Celine dions fathers name?

Adhémar Dion

Why was Celine Dions mother upset about her being born?

Celine was the 14th child had by Therese Dion.

What is Celine Dions favorite drink?

2% Strawberry Milk

What is Celine dions kids name?

René-Charles Dion Angélil

What is Celine Dions managers name?

Rene Angelil-manager/husband