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WC Handy wrote several songs about his troubles including Mr. Crump and Memphis Blues. He is known for his amazing blues songs.

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Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis"

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Memphis Blues

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Q: What are some famous songs by wc handy?
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Why did WC handy die?

wc handy died because of his age

Where did WC Handy die?

WC Handy died in New York City.

Who did WC Handy influence?


What year was the WC Handy statue put in handy park?


Did WC Handy have any siblings?

he did not have

Was wc handy a slave?

No, he was never a slave.

Is wc handy a blues player?


How did wc handy die?

W.C Handy died pneumonia on 29th March, 1958.

What year did WC Handy die in?

he died March28,1958

What is the value of a WC Handy autograph picture?


Was wc handy a member of The Beatles?

The Beatles did not form in Liverpool until 1960.WC Handy, having died in 1958,probably was not ever a member of the "Fab Four". However Billy Preston, often referred to as the "Fifth Beatle", portrayed the young WC Handy in the 1958 movie "St. Louis Blues".

Where was WC handy raised as a child?

W.C. Handy was raised in a cabin that was built by his grandfather in Florence, Alabama.