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  • "Hotel California" by The Eagles,
  • "California" by Joni Mitchell,
  • "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and the Papas,
  • "California Girls" by The Beach Boys.
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As a native of California I can tell you that there is no one type of music for the state. It depends on what the person likes to what they listen to.

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Q: What are some songs that have 'California' mentioned in them?
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What are some songs that are written about California?

Some songs that are written about California include "California Girls," by Katy Perry, "California," by The Addicts, "California," by Chuck Berry, "California Day," by the Starland Vocal Band, and "California English" by Vampire Weekend.

What are some Guitar Hero songs?

livin on a prayer, hotel california

What are some songs about California?

Many, many songs have been writing about the most populous US state of California. Often these are by artists who have some association with the state such as growing up there and are geared with varying vibes (some are negative and some are positive). Many songs are simply entitled 'California' and famous artists who have had such hits include Toploader, The Kooks and Bob Dylan. 'Hotel California' is a song most notably associated with The Eagles in 1976 and frequently appears in lists of the best songs of all time. The Beach Boys wrote several songs to do with California, including the hit 'California Girls' (not to be confused with Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'!) which endured much success.

What songs have train sung?

Some songs they have sung are: California 37 To be loved Drive by All American Girl...

What food is mentioned in song by Ella Fitzgerald?

cockmeat is mentioned in 5 of her songs

What are some songs written by Katy Perry?

There are many songs written by Katy Perry. Some of these songs include "California Girls", "I Kiss a Girl", "Rock God", "E.T", and "Waking Up in Vegas".

How many songs with the word California in them?

California Girls Hotel California

What are some songs that have Tennessee mentioned in them?

Tennessee Girls - Sammy Kershaw T for Texas T for Tennessee The Tennessee Waltz

Who was not mentioned in Taylor Swift's songs?

Justin bieber

What are some songs by the band Brighten?

Brighten is a pop-rock band from the town of Chico in California. Some of their popular songs are: More Vacations, A Heart Like That, Ready When You Are, and several others.

Is mason musso British?

No, he is not. Although he does sound kinda British when he sings some songs. He is from Valencia California.

What are some easy to dance to songs for auditions?

crazy in love by rihanna california girls by kattey pery