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Buddy Bolden was the first musician to play what we now identify as Jazz Music.

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Q: What big famous jazz artist did buddy bolden work with?
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Who was the first man of jazz?

Buddy bolden

Why did buddy bolden createe jazz?

He didn't really creat jazz. He was known as the "father" of jazz.

What is the first jazz band to cut a commercial recording in 1917?

original dixieland jazz band

What artists are associated with jazz music?

Buddy Bolden, Sarah Vaughn, John Coltrane, Miles Davis

What has the author Ray Bisso written?

Ray Bisso has written: 'Buddy Bolden of New Orleans' -- subject(s): Poetry, Jazz, Jazz musicians

What is a Big Four?

A Big Four is a rhythmic innovation of jazz music whose invention is credited to Buddy Bolden.

When was the music style jazz invented?

The music style jazz was first invented around 1895 when Buddy Bolden was the first person to play this improvised style which later became known as jazz.

Why is B B King famous?

He is a famous jazz artist.

Who started jazz?

No one person invented jazz. Jazz Music was created out of exploration of the Afro-Americans with European musical instruments.

Who are some famous famous jazz artist from the 1960s?

bllues absolutely ridiculous answer

Who was the the first jazz player?

there was no confirmed first player but john Adams was one of the firstW.C. Handy and "Jelly Roll" Morton were two of the first well-known jazz composers. "Buddy" Bolden was one of the first jazz trumpet players. However, the creators of jazz are still unknown today, mostly because they were undocumented enslaved peoples and were considered inferior by racist white peoples.

Who is kathleen Dustin?

Kathleen Dustin is a famous jazz artist who was born on the sand dunes of Michigan.