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Q: What college has the best marching band?
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What is the best college band in the world?

The Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band.

When was Boston College Marching Band created?

Boston College Marching Band was created in 1919.

Does college marching band pay?


Franklin and Marshall College -do they have a marching band?

no, we do not currently have a marching band, but we do have a pep band that plays at every home football game!

Do they have marching band in college or in high school?

most high schools have marching bands and a lot of colleges have marching bands

Where can you listen to marching band music?

You can listen to marching band music when you attend a marching band competition, or when you cheer on your favorite college marching band marching in a parade. There are also numerous marching band shows and demonstrations that are available to watch streaming live on the Internet. As of 2009, most marching band competitions are shown on Internet servers or on broadcast television. You can also watch some real good marching band competition live on ESPN 3.

What was the first college marching band?

Norwich University had the first collegiate band, which was formed in 1820.

When was the first historically black college marching band started?


Does Washington and Jefferson college pa have a marching band?

you are so stupid

How does one get on a college marching band?

Try out for it, if you're good enough, they let you in

Who is known as the best marching band in the world?

Though there is no single best marching band in the world, I think it's safe to say that the Blue Devils come pretty close.

What is the loudest instrument in a marching band?

It depends on the band. Generally the trumpets and battery can be heard the best.