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I dunno at what concerts, but he had red hair at 1992 i think, but it was short period when he had it.

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Q: What concert did Kurt Cobain play with his red hair?
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Did Kurt Cobain play any gigs when he had red hair?

He had red hair during Courtney's pregnancy.

Did Kurt cobain like metallica?

Yes, he did. Cobain's favorite song was "Whiplash". When he met Metallica somewhere before the concert he always asked em if they gonna play Whiplash tonight)

Which sport did Kurt Cobain play in high school?

Wrestling Kurt Cobain was hyperactive as a youngster, and given Ritalin to help him concentrate in school and sedatives to help him sleep at night.

How to play guitar like Kurt cobain?

left handed would be a start

Did Kurt cobain play with stone temple pilots?

No he did not play with them, but Nirvana was noted as inspiration for much of their music

What part of the band did Kurt Cobain play?

Lead singer with some guitar thrown in.

In the article about Robert Pattinson wanting to play Kurt Cobain who has he been in contact with?

The Sun newspaper claimed Robert Pattinson was to play the role of Kurt Cobain in a biopic, and had said he was in constant contact with Courtney Love (Cobain's widow). This whole claim however has been disproved and is totally untrue.

Did Nirvana ever go to Roberts stadium Evansville Indiana before Kurt Cobain died?

No, in fact Nirvana did not play at any stadium in Indiana over the course of their career prior to the death of Kurt Cobain

What recorded song did Kurt Cobain play drums?

Seasons in the Sun, it was a cover, it was on Nirvana's With The Lights Out dvd.

Did Kurt Cobain rightly kill himself?

His death was ruled as a suicide but many, including me, suspect of foul play.

What instruments did nirvana play?

Dave Grohl played drums, Krist Novoselic played bass, and Kurt Cobain played guitar and sang. They also toured with another guitarist, Pat Smear, who played guitar alongside Cobain.

Who became leader of Nirvana after Kurt Cobain's death?

Nirvana ceased to play music as a band when Kurt died with the exception of the assembling of previous live performances being released on an album, and some previously unreleased recordings.

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