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Zayn Malik is the most amaizing person ever and the cuitest and harry is to i love both of them and there both very hot and nice so love them to not anther member so one direction i will give you a reason why because there all gay expect the hot to people zayn and harry remember what i said and then post me a comment back on facebook at and tell me if i made you change your mind or are you still an idiot and dont like zayn or harry like naima she was my best friend and she posted me a comment saying that zayn and harry are gay and i said i am not her friiend and i even moved school because she said that so thats how much zayn and harry mean to me LOVE U ZAYN MALIK AND Harry Styles.

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Q: What did Zayn Malik sing on the x factor?
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What song did Zayn Malik sing for his X Factor audition?

He sang "Let Me Love You" by Mario.

What song did Zayn Malik sing for his firs auditiion on x factor?

let me love you by mario

What song did Zayn Malik sing for his first audition on The X Factor?

He sang "Let Me Love You" by Mario.

Is Zayn Malik from the x factor a pushtu?


What was Zayn Malik's weakness on the x factor?

Dancing was his weakness on the x-factor.

Who did Zayn Malik date on the x factor?

Zayn dated Geneva Lane and Rebecca Fergusson from the X-factor

What was Zayn Malik's x Factor number?


When did Zayn Malik audition?

2009 on the X-Factor

When did Zayn Malik get his first passport?

Only after the x factor.

What was one of the accomplishments of Zayn Malik?

Being on the x factor

Is Zayn Malik from x factor lebense?

He is a British Pakistani.

When did Zayn Malik go onto x factor?

in 2010