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You would call a person who plays the French horn a "hornist."

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Q: What do you call a person who plays the french horn?
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Who do you call the person who plays the french horn?

A hornist or a horn player

What do you call a banana that plays the french horn?

a banana that play the french horn dur

What do you call someone who plays the french horn?

Hornist or Horn player

A famous person who plays the french horn?

Dennis brain was a really famous french horn player.

When a piano plays middle C what does a french horn play?

French Horn in F plays a G

How do you transpose from trumpet to French horn?

French Horn plays a fourth below concert pitch and trumpet plays a full tone above concert pitch. To play trumpet music on a French Horn, you play a fifth higher that the written notes.

What is another word for the french horn?

Some people call it the F Horn or just a Horn. Also 'como'.

What do you call a marching french horn?

It's called a mellophone.

What role does the French horn play?

The french horn is part of the brass family of instruments. In an orchestra or similar ensemble the french horn commonly plays akey melodic role in the overall structure of the piece. However the role of the french horn, or any instrument, is entirely up to the composer. This means that it cannot be clarified as to what the definate role of the french horn is, as it has no definite role. But it is most commonly part of the key melodic structure otherwise it plays a harmonic role.

What are five facts about the French horn?

The french horn is a french horn

Who is a famous soloist that plays the french horn?

Barry Tuckwell and Dennis Brain are my favorite horn players, and are (were) both excellent

What are The 5 most famous pieces written for the french horn?

The Siegfried Horn call written by Wagner, great solo horn piece.

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