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Q: What hz should a chromatic tuner be set to?
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What hertz should a guitar tuner be set to?

440 Hz

What is the tuner calibration for a cello?

A= 440 Hz. the standard concert pitch.

What does 440 mean on a guitar tuner?

440 Hz. It's the frequency of the A note (above middle C)

A piano tuner using a 263 Hz tuning fork hears 4 beats per second--what are two possible frequencies of vibration of the piano wire?

Could be 259 Hz.Could be 267 Hz.

How do you convert 220V 60 Hz to 220V 50 Hz?

You could a mixer, with the local oscillator set at 10 hz, and by sending the 60 hz current through the mixer, you will have 70 hz, 50 hz, 60 hz and 10 hz current coming out from the mixer. Use a filter, set it to 50 hz. There you have it, 220Volts at 50hz. <<>> Converting a 60 Hz power supply to 50 Hz is normally done by a rotary converer, which could be two synchronous machines back to back with a 5:4 gearbox in between. For low-power applications the same job can be done by electronic circuits designed for the purpose.

A piano tuner using a 264-Hz tuning fork hears 4 beats per second what are two possible frequencies of vibration of the piano wire?

268Hz and 260Hz

What changes should be made to a 50 Hz motor to run it at 60 Hz with same speed and power?

You need a frequency convertor if you want a HZ motor to run at Hz with the same speed and power.

When a sound wave with a frequency of 256 Hz overlaps with a sound wave with a frequency of 250 Hz what would the frequency of the beats be?

There should be two beat frequencies produced: 506 Hz and 6 Hz.

Compare alternating current with direct current?

Alternating current changes direction on a set frequency such as 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz. Direct current always flows in one direction.

How can hertz triple in household wires?

It is 60 Hz and shouldn't vary. It certainly should never be 180 Hz.

What should the low pass filter be set to?

If it is a subwoofer amp then set it at about 80 hz.

What is the audible range of sound?

For humans it is from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz Elephant - 16 Hz to 12,000 Hz Cow - 16 Hz to 40,00 Hz Cat - 100 Hz to 32000 Hz Dog - 40 Hz to 46000 Hz Rabbit - 1000 Hz to 1,00,000 Hz Bat - 1000 Hz to 1,50,000 Hz Dolphins - 70 Hz to 1,50,000 Hz Seal - 900 Hz to 2,00,000 Hz

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