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their best album is All the right reasons!

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Q: What is Nickelbacks best album?
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What is name of Nickelbacks last album?

Nickelbacks last studio album was named " Dark Horse " and was released in 2008.

When was Nickelbacks sliver side up album come out?

It was released in 2001.

What is Nickelbacks latest songs?

nickelbacks newest song is "I would come for you."

What is is Nickelbacks favorite color?


When did Nickelbacks first CD come out?

Nickelback's first album was "Curb" and was released May 1st 1996. It was self-released, yet was reissued in 2002 under the label "Road Runner".

Who is the lady in Nickelbacks This is how you remind me?

Annie Henley

What does Nickelbacks song long road mean?

Nickelback don't have song called 'The Long Road', but they do have an album with that name. They came up with that name because at the time they hoped it would be a long road of success for them. And it has.

What is the lead singer for Nickelbacks Name?

His name is Chad Kroeger .

Who is Nickelbacks composer?

Chad Kroeger writes the songs in Nickelback.

What was the 11th song called on Nickelbacks CD dark horse?

This Afternoon.

What are Nickelbacks CD names?

dark horse all the right reasons

What is Nickelbacks number one song?

Probably "Rockstar" or "Burn It to the Ground"