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Annie Henley

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Q: Who is the lady in Nickelbacks This is how you remind me?
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What is Nickelbacks latest songs?

nickelbacks newest song is "I would come for you."

What are 5 of Nickelbacks hits?

Here are five of Nickelback's songs :1- Never Gonna Be Alone . 2- If Today Was Your Last Day .3- Savin' Me .4- How You Remind Me .5- Photograph .

What is Nickelbacks favorite song?

Nickelback's most popular song is 'How You Remind Me'. It was released in 2001 as a single from their third album 'Silver Side Up'. 'How You Remind Me' has ranked high in the charts from its release til 2008-9 and has even reached #1 in several countries.

What is name of Nickelbacks last album?

Nickelbacks last studio album was named " Dark Horse " and was released in 2008.

What is is Nickelbacks favorite color?


What unusual item did Lady Gaga famously carry around to remind her of her home?

She carried a Tea Pot and a Saucer to remind her of home.

What is the lead singer for Nickelbacks Name?

His name is Chad Kroeger .

Who is Nickelbacks composer?

Chad Kroeger writes the songs in Nickelback.

What unusual item did Lady Gaga famously carry to remind her of home?

she took a teacup and a saucer with her!! :)

What was the 11th song called on Nickelbacks CD dark horse?

This Afternoon.

What are Nickelbacks CD names?

dark horse all the right reasons

When was Nickelbacks sliver side up album come out?

It was released in 2001.