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your mailing address is wherever things can be sent to you. Either your house address or maybe a PO box.

A mailing is address where you live like if i said this certain place is my address then that would mean that.

but if its an email mailing address that would mean mailing a letter but really posting it to them but typing it and sending it!!!

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A mailing address is used for sending someone mail. It can also sometimes be used as evidence of residence in a particular place.

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something that you put in the computer to get on anything like myspace

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Q: What is an e mail address?
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how to get a new e-mail address?

“how to get a new e-mail address

How do you say your email address in french?

To literally say 'your e-mail address': votre adresse e-mail. To say 'my e-mail address is': mon adresse e-mail est.

How can you get the IP address for an email address?

An e-mail address is not associated with any specific IP address. The only IP address that you can obtain from an e-mail address is the SMTP server that initially delivered the e-mail, not the machine from which the e-mail originated. The e-mail headers may contain the IP address of the original machine, however bear in mind that e-mail headers can be easily forged.

Is an e-mail address the same as an e-mail?

No. An e-mail is simply a text message that may include additional files (attachments). An e-mail address is the address of the recipient of the message. The e-mail address simply determines which account on which mail server the message is intended. The server will hold on to the message until the recipient is ready to download their mail. The sender of the message also has en e-mail address, which allows the recipient to reply to the message.

What is cual es tu correo electronico?

Translation: What is your best friend's e-mail.


DONT HAVE E-MAIL ADDRESS CAn i still file with you

How do you get a good email address for MySpace?

Myspace requires an existing e-mail address. So for example if your personal e-mail address is you would register using that e-mail address.

What is the e mail address?

an e mail is like mailing but you do it on the intrnet

How do you email nickelback?

you find their e-mail address and e-mail them

How do you comferm your password and email address?

Myspace will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address that you have provided. In the e-mail there will be a link, click it and you will be confirmed.

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What is David Letterman's e-mail address OR what is the e-mail for the show via CBS?

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I create an e-mail address Serenity Zambia Gloria Gabel