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"Mulungu dalitsa Malaŵi"

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2012-11-25 20:55:09
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Q: What is the National Anthem of Malawi?
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What flower is the national flower of Malawi?

The national flower of Malawi is a Lily

What songs were considered for a national anthem of the armed forces?

the national anthem for the armed forces is the same as the national anthem for the country, its a national anthem.

What is ill national anthem?

Illinois is a state and does not have a national anthem. A "nation" has a national anthem. The national anthem of the US is "The Star Spangled Banner".

What is National Bank of Malawi's population?

The population of National Bank of Malawi is 960.

When was National Bank of Malawi created?

National Bank of Malawi was created in 1971.

What is the national bird of Malawi?

The Bar-tailed Trogon is the national bird of Malawi.

When did the national anthem become the official national anthem?

It was declared the official national anthem in 1931.

How do you say anthem in french?

Hymne the national anthem, l'hymne national a national anthem, un hymne national

Does Cyprus and Greece has the same national anthem?

Cyprus does not have its own national anthem. Cyprus uses the National Anthem of Greece and the National Anthem of Turkey.

What is the original purpose of a national anthem?

The original purpose of the National Anthem is to have a National Anthem. Some countries don't have a Natonal Anthem.

What is the national anthem of Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is a province of Canada hence the national anthem is the Canadian national anthem

Does Quebec have a national anthem?

No, Quebéc does not have a national anthem.

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