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"do", "re", "mi", "fa", "so", "la" and "ti" are the basic ones, but each of those notes would have variations, used when you raise or lower a note chromatically (for example: a raised "do" is a "di" and a raised "re" is a "ri", and a lowered "ti" is a "to")

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The term is actually "Sol-Fa", and it refers to two of the note names used in the system.

The 'moveable do" system assigns the syllable Do to any starting note, and then the syllables in common use define a major scale going up from Do. If Do is assigned to C:

Do C

Re D

Mi E

Fa F

Sol G

La A

Ti B

Do C (an octave higher than you started.)

The "Sol-Fa" syllable system is related to Shape Notes, where each note shape relates to one of the syllables. There are a number of systems, most well-known being the three-shape and the seven-shape systems. The seven shape system uses a shape for each note of the scale. The three-shape system starts from the fact that the first three notes of the major scale are the same as the three notes going up from Fa, and the second three notes (starting on Fa) are the same intervals. Using Mi as the "note before Fa", it defines the scale thus (again, starting on C):

Fa C triangle

Sol D oval (like a modern note head)

La E square

Fa F triangle

Sol G oval

La A square

Mi B diamond

Fa C triangle

Using this system allows encoding intervals which are the same without regard to their 'position' in the scales. The intervals between the four different syllables, fa-sol, fa-la and fa-mi, become the intervals that need to be known, then, and music can be sung at sight fairly easily (especially in groups where you are not the only one singing) using this system.

The three-shape-note system is also known as the Sacred Harp, after one of the most well-known books of shapenote music. There are many shapenote systems, today and historically: you can find more information at

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Sofa has two syllables: so fa

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Q: What is the definition of sofa-syllables?
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