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The song is about rolling on ecstasy. "feeling as good as lovers can you know" When you are rolling on X, you feel better then you can even good as lovers can. "into a place where thoughts can bloom...into a room where it's nine in the afternoon" When you are rolling your mind will race and you will have many "philisophical" and deep thoughts. It is similar to when you are tripping on mushrooms because both do the same thing. And it's nine in the afternoon because when you roll there isn't really a sense of time. Everything feels like nine in the afternoon. "your eyes are the size of the moon" When you roll your pupils get so dialated you can barely even see the color ring. Your pupils become the size of the the moon. ----

Guitarist Ryan Ross on MTV News: "This is the first song we wrote. It's a song we all wrote together. It's basically about our situation for the past few years, just kind of looking at it all in a good way, and as a positive thing. It's one of the most straightforward songs we've ever had, lyrically. We wanted to have a song people could just get on the first listen. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment songs that came together in a couple of hours. It's just a fun song; it's not really meant to be taken seriously."

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Q: What is the song 9 in the afternoon about?
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