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Q: What is value of 1914 Columbia grafonola?
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What is the value and year of manufacture of Columbia Graphophone Company Viva Tonal Grafonola?

I have one for sale witha selection of 78 vynils anybody want it Yorkshire area ls21

When was Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia created?

Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia was created in 1914.

What are the push buttons for in the bottom of Columbia grafonola?

They are for flipping your records out of storage slots. If not present, there were green velvet covered dividers for 23 records to be stored. You would press the button and a wooden lever pushed your record out for you.

What are the release dates for Face Value - 1914?

Face Value - 1914 was released on: USA: 11 September 1914

Value of 1914 quarter?

There is no such thing as a 1914 quarter.

What is the value of a 1914 penny?

Several counties made coins called "pennies", either formally or informally. Please look for more-specific questions such as:"What is the value of a 1914 US cent?""What is the value of a 1914 British penny?""What is the value of a 1914 Australian Penny?"etc.

What is the value of old Columbia records?

The value of old Columbia records will vary depending on their age and condition. The value may also depend on the popularity of the particular Columbia record you are trying to sell.

What is the value of 1914 silver dime?

The 1914 Barber dime is a common coin. Value is $4.00-$8.00 for most coins.

What is value of 1958 British Columbia 1.00 coin worth?

what is the value of 1958 British Columbia $1.00 coin worth.

What is the value of a british Columbia 1858 dollar coin?

i do have a Canada british Columbia dollor1871- 1971 and will like to know the value

What is the value of 1914 threepence?

Is there any value to a 1901 threepence cin

What is the value of a 1914 copper penny?

A 1914 penny with no mint mark is worth about $1.50.

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