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What is and example for a libretto opera

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Q: What language are Wagners operas in?
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What has the author Daniel Schneller written?

Daniel Schneller has written: 'Richard Wagners \\' -- subject(s): Performances, Operas, First performances 'Der Ambassadorenhof in Solothurn'

Are all operas in Italian?

No. Operas have been written in virtually every language.

What is the first language of opera?

The first operas were in Italian. The form spread throughout Europe and the world, and there are now operas in virtually every language.

What language is Tosca performed?

As in the majority of operas it is performed in Italian.

Why Are Ballad Operas And Singspiels Similar?

they were both sung in the language of the audience

What has the author Hermann Wiessner written?

Hermann Wiessner has written: 'Der Stabreimvers in Richard Wagners \\' -- subject(s): Alliteration, German language, Versification