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In Rolling Stone interview in the summer of 2008, "The Jesus of Uncool" Lead Vocals Chris Martin was quoted as saying, "I grew up with the prospect of heaven and hell looming ever large. What I grew up with was, if you even think about boobs, you're going to hell. It was drilled in: These things are wrong."

Implying he grew up in a rigid Christian household, Chris at one time feared if he was gay, he would be in trouble. Eventually he realized it wouldn't matter his sexual identity and was ultimately "swayed by boobs" noting they are "fantastic." (Rolling Stone: The Jesus of Uncool)

Today, Martin doesn't practice traditional religion but by evidence of lifestyle falls in line with secular Humanism. Organizations like Make Trade Fair and Amnesty International are humanist organizations which like many faith-based and other secular groups are in the business of advocating inalienable rights to the human race.

Martin has been known to use Yoga to relax and meditate. Yoga has its roots in Eastern religion. In addition, he has been admitted to seeing a hypnotist to embolden himself on stage. Chris Martin's natural demeanor is introverted and shy.

In an interview with Irish online magazine, when asked if he was rediscovered God based on Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends spiritual content. Martin responded that he was still trying to figure out who "he or she or it is," admitting he doesn't know who is right, whether it is, "Jesus, Allah, Mohammad or Zeus Finally in a text message to the magazine's interviewer, Chris Martin wrote that he is "Alltheist" a word he made up meaning "he believes in everything."

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Coldplay singer Chris Martin grew up in the Episcopalian church. Although he does not currently attend church he has stated he believes in God.

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He has said in interviews that he believes in God, but he has never mentioned an exact religion.

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I don't think so. Chris Martin (the lead singer) has said that he was Buddhist, but then in another interview he stated that he believed in Zeus..

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Q: What religion are the members of coldplay?
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