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Justin Bieber lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Q: What town in Georgia does Justin bieber live in?
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What does Justin Bieber live in?

He stays in uptown aptt. in Atlanta Georgia in the town of Buckhead

What town does Justin bieber live in today?

He did live in Stradford, Ontario but was moved to Atlanta,Georgia by usher and still lives there today in year2011

What town is Justin Bieber living in?

Currently Atlanta, Georgia but he moved from Stratford, Ontario when he was about 13.

Does Justin bieber live in Atlantic GA?

yes he does but his home town is stratford onterio

What town does Justin Bieber?

WHat town is Justin Bieber from you mean i think? He is from Stratford,Ontario, Canada. He lives in California.

What is Justin Biebers home town?

Justin Bieber's hometown is Stratford, Ontario, Canada, which is about 2 hours away from Toronto. He was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Did Justin Bieber live on long island?

No, he is originally from a small town in Canada called Stratford, Ontario, but when he signed with Island Def Jam record label, he moved with his mom to Atlanta Georgia.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite town?

Justin Biebers Fav town is Stratford Ontario

What town did Justin Bieber born in?


Is Justin Bieber going to black town?

no he is not

What town was Justin bieber from?

stratford, Ontario

Where is Justin Bieber from?

Justin Bieber was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.