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his movie he brought to the movie theaters in 2009... is call "This Is It"

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The title of the NEW Michael Jackson movie is "This Is It".

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Q: What was the title of Michael Jackson's Movie?
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What was Michael jacksons 2nd film?

Michael's 2nd movie was Moonwalker

How long is Michael jacksons this is it movie?

111 Minutes

When is the Michael Jacksons This Is It movie released in England?

28th of October.

What was Michael jacksons favourite movie?

E.T., Peter Pan and Star Wars.

What is the name of the girl in Michael Jacksons' movie Moonwalker?

Katie played by Kellie Parker.

Who is Michael jacksons friend named ben?

Ben is a rat from a movie of the same name, he wasn't Michael's pet/friend.

How do i get ahold of Michael jacksons last movie This will be it?

It's called This Is It, and it will be released on DVD next year.

In Michael jacksons music video smooth criminal what happens to the kids?

Watch the movie Moonwalker

What is the title of the Michael Jackson movie?

This Is It.

What is the parental movie rating for Michael Jacksons thriller video?

In Germany it´s rated age 16!

What is the title of Michael Jordan movie?

Space Jam is the title of the Michael Jordan movie.I think that was the only one he was in.

What was Michael jacksons star sighn?

Michael is a Virgo