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Q: Where are the band members from Nickelback from?
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Where can you find personal stories about the band members of Nickelback?

Please go onto TYPE IN: Biographys of the individual Nickelback band members

Is nickelback country?

The members of Nickelback are from Alberta Canada and have a country twangish sound but they are not a country band they are an alternative rock/ hard rock band.

How many band members are in the band Nickelback?

There are four band members in the band nickelback there is chad kroeger lead vocalist and guitarist daniel adair drums ryan peake guitar and vocal mike kroeger bass guitar

When were the band Nickelback formed?

The Canadian rock band Nickelback were formed in 1995, but they underwent several changes of band members between then and 2005 when they reached their current lineup.

How many members are in the band Nickelback?

There are four members are in the band Nickelback. These four members are: Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair. Past members include Brandon Kroeger, Mitch Guindon, and Ryan Vikedal.

What year did Nickelback's band members change?

Every year, age is inevitable.

Are any of the band members in Nickelback related?

Yes Mike and Chad Kroeger are brothers.

Is Nickelback a band or a person?

its a band

How old is Nickelback?

The band Nickelback was formed in 1995.

Is Nickelback considered a gang?

The band Nickelback is not a gang.

Nickelback what is the type of band?

They are a Rock band .

Are all of the band members in Nickelback from the start or was one replaced?

Daniel Adair actually replaced Robert Gresham.

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