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Human music has a long and complex history. It may predate language (and certainly predates the written word) and is found in every known culture, past and present, varying wildly between times and places. A culture's music is influenced by all other aspects of that culture, including social and economic organization, climate, and access to technology. The emotions and ideas that music expresses, the situations that music is played and listened to in, and the attitudes toward music players and composers all vary between regions and periods. "Music history" is the distinct subfield of musicology and history which studies the history of Music Theory. See WWW links on right. -DJ Craig Hard to improve on this one, but will add that according to Yehudi Menuhin on an old PBS series, the first stringed instrument was probably a plucked African bow - without the arrow. The pitch could be altered by changing the tension of the single string, just as on a modern stringed instrument. Percussion and rhythmic structure may have started as an imitation of the human heart beat, heard by the unborn infant for months. Prettysharp.

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Q: Where did music come from?
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