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Gabby Douglas's parents live in Virginia!! Gabby lives in Iowa with her second (Fake) family for gymnastics!!

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Laury Homenick

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Q: Where does gabby douglas live?
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What country do gabby Douglas live in?

She lives in the U.S.

Where in Virginia did gabby Douglas live?

She grew up in Virginia Beach.

What nicknames does Gabby Douglas go by?

Gabby Douglas goes by Gabby, Flying Squirrel, and Brie.

Did gabby Douglas go to college?

Gabby Douglas DID NOT go to college

Was gabby Douglas homeschooled?


Does gabby Douglas have a boyfriend?

no she does not

Did gabby Douglas go to school?

gabby douglas went to salem high school home of the sundevils <3

What did gabby Douglas do?

she was in the gymnastic olypics

Is Gabby Douglas dead?

no shes not

Who Gabby Douglas?

she is a girl that was in the Olympics

Who inspired Gabby Douglas?


Does gabby Douglas have charity?