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Miley's cousin's name's are:


- Roxy Cyrus (Finley) *lives in LA*

- Lauren Cyrus *lives in LA*

- Sidney Cuppers *lives in LA*

- Charlie Cyrus *lives in Canada*

- Amy Cyrus *lives in TN*

- Anna Cyrus *passed away in 2012*

- Taylor Cyrus *lives in FL*

- Sophie Cyrus *lives in Singapore*

- Kayla Cyrus *passed away in 2011*

- Lucy Cyrus *lives in TN*

- Ella Cyrus *lives in CA*

- Emma Cyrus *passed away in 2012*

- Jessica Cyrus *lives in Canada*


- Jason Cyrus *lives in NC*

- Nathan Cyrus *lives in CA*

FAKES I've found on Facebook-

- Abi Cyrus (using Lucy O'Connor on Instagram's photos)

- Barbie Cyrus

- Sydney Marie Cyrus

- Hannah Marie Cyrus

- Kiesha May Cyrus

- Kayla Kathryn Cyrus

- Stefanie Joan Cyrus

- Sarah Cyrus

- Addison Cyrus

- Casey Cyrus

- Isabella Cyrus

- Sara Lynn Cyrus-Sheckler

- Amanda Lynn Cyrus

- Jojo Cyrus

- Isabella Cyrus Kardashian

- Ellie Cyrus

- Samantha Cyrus

- Bella Cyrus

- Shannon Cyrus

- Britney Cyrus

- Jazlyn Noelle Cyrus

- Amber Cyrus Wright

- Kynlee Cyrus

- Sophia Amy Cyrus

- Alex Cyrus (using Sierra Millers photos)

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Apart from all the more well known cousins of Miley, she also has cousins with the following names;

- Charlie Rae Cyrus

- Amy Marie Cyrus

- Anna Louise Cyrus (RIP)

- Taylor Jean Cyrus

- Sophie Amelia Cyrus

- Kayla Marie Cyrus (RIP)

- Lucy Lou Cyrus

- Jason Tyler Cyrus (Lucy's Twin)

- Emma Crystal Cyrus (RIP)

- Ella Louise Cyrus (Emma's twin)

- Paris Cyrus

- Hannah Cyrus

- Alexis Cyrus

- Ashleigh Cyrus

- Christy Cyrus

- Gracie Cyrus

- Kyra Cyrus

- Charlotte Cyrus

- Emilyn Cyrus

- Emma Cyrus

- Lacy Cyrus

- Lina Cyrus

- Riley Cyrus

Hardly anyone has heard of them, and this is because they don't show off that they're a Cyrus. They're more private.
Miley Cyrus's 2nd cousins:

Hannah Bethany Anne Cyrus

Le'Anne Cyrus

Hillary Cyrus

Constance Cyrus

Marshal Cyrus

Paris Cyrus [Hannah's older sister]

Hannah Cyrus

Alexis[Paris's and Hannah's older sister]

Lucy Lou Cyrus

Charlie Rae Cyrus

Amy Lou Cyrus

Taylor Jean Cyrus

Emma Marie Cyrus

Anna Louise Cyrus

Kayla Marie Cyrus

Jason Tyler Cyrus [Lucy to Jason are siblings]


Timmithy Cyrus

Tommy Cyrus

Alexandria Cyrus

Michael Cyrus

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Miley has about 6-8 cousins but I don't know their names.

I do know that the list of names given before this answer are all fake. :]

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he dads cousin Dan! (cant tell last name)!

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The former Hannah Montana and present pop star Miley Cyrus does not have a godfather. However, her godmother is the famed country western star Dolly Parton.

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dolly parton

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Q: Who is Miley Cyrus aunt?
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