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by feist

the song is called 1 2 3 4

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Q: Who is the female singer on I-pod commercial who sings an upbeat song with oh oh and
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Who is the female singer who sings the song on the 2011 Prius v commercial?

Petra Haden

What Female singer sings that rock song in that herbal essence commercial?

jadyn maria sings herbal essence song

Which female artist sings the upbeat song with a drum tune in the new Pantene Pro commercial?

answer to pantene commercial Jan 2007shirley bassey ,,,, the name of the song is history repeating by propellerheads

Who is the female singer who sings in the Target commercial that shows a band on stage The song starts out I'm a loser. Later in the song the singer sings I'm a winner.?

it is killy clocson

What female singer sings people helping people for the liberty mutual commercial?

== == How did hydrogen get it's name

Who is the female singer sings in the apple computer television commercials?

You mean the singer in the new Macbook Air Commercial? Her name is Yael Naim.

What female singer sings Heigh-Ho in the 2010 Lee jeans tv commercial?

Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra, featuring Gail Reese.

Which female singer sings the song in the Pantene commercial with woman in long dark wavy hair descending stairs?

The singer is Natasha Bedingfield. The song is called "Unwritten". (The commercial is actually playing on my TV right now, incidentally!)

Who is the female singer in the commercial by the foundation for a better life that sings I hope you feel small by the ocean and if you get the chance to dance-- dance.?

Lee ann womack

Who sings truly scrumptous in the Truvia commercial?

Ebony Buckle is the actress and singer on the commercial.

Female singer who sings barbie girl?


What female singer sings i believe?

This song is by Cher.