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Wayne is the oldest person on young money!!

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I'm not sure his name but the guy in lolipop with Lil Wayne

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lil wayne obviously he is the founder of young money

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Q: Who is the richest member of young money?
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Is Bow Wow a member of Young Money?

No ..... Cash Money

Who is Kidd?

A member of young money.. owned by birdman and Lil Wayne i think

Who is the youngest member of young money?

the youngest member of young money is lil twist . I think it's lil chuckee. Lil twist is about 17 now

Who is the newest member of young money?

Playa Trigg

Who was the first member of young money?

lil Wayne

How do you become a young money member?

Be a good rapper and/or singer.

Who is lil chukee?

lil chukee is a former member of young money

Was young money member miss cheynelle murdered?

No..that was magnolia shorty!

Who is the richest rap artist?

Honestly I think Jay-Z is but Lil Wayne is coming up with Young Money standing behind him.

Who is the richest rock musician?

angus young

Is drake a lunatic member?

No. Drake is part of Young Money. He says it at the beginning of every song.

How to be a young money money member?

Cut of your penis, drink cool-aid, eat fried chicken, steal peoples bicycles.