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the song is "baby" by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

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Q: Who was featuring on the song baby?
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What song of Justin Bieber's just came out on itunes?

baby, featuring ludacris

When did the song baby it's you ft bow wow come out?

The song "Baby it's You" by JoJo featuring Bow wow was released on September 6, 2004.

What is 50 cent new song?

So Far 50 Cent's New song is called Baby By Me Featuring Ne-Yo

What is the name of the song heard in the Tide commercial featuring a man and his baby in bed?

the name of the tide commercial is "Family".

What was Justin Bieber's last song?

I Think his last song was ''Baby'' Featuring Ludacris.

Has Justin Bieber ever sang with anyone else?

He has done a song with Jessica Jarrel. It's called 'overbord.' He's also done 'First dance' featuring Usher and 'baby' featuring Ludacris.

What is the name of the rap song with airplane landing sound in the beginning not the Ying Yang Twins?

'Just A Baby Boy' by Tyrese featuring Snoop Dogg.(From the movie Baby Boy).

What was Justin Bieber's most successful song?

Justin biggest hit was baby i love that song but now i love kiss and love you jb i hopr you can track me because i really want to meet you bye

What is the new song featuring Shakira?

Shakira doesn't feature in a song it is by Shakira FEATURING lil Wayne and timberland!

Is there a song that has korn featuring Eminem?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! no!NO! NOOO!!! and there most likely never will beeee. No but there is a Korn song featuring Limp Bizket, which may be the song your thinking of.

What is the name of the new Hannah Montana song featuring Iyaz?

"Gonna get this" is the correct name of the song by Hannah Montana featuring iyaz

What does the f in Lil Wayne's nickname weezy f. baby mean?

The F Stand's For Featuring. Weezy Is Short For Dwayne (His Real Name), F For Featuring, And Baby For Birdman (His Real Name) (: So Weezy Featuring Baby. <'3