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Q: Why did george handel be a composer?
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Who was George handel?

composer of "messiah"

Did Handel the composer have a mom or dad?

George Handel and Dorothea Taust.

What is Handel's middle name?

The composer was named George Frideric Handel.

Who was George Frideric Handel?

composer of "messiah"

What was george frederic handel known for?


How old is Handel?

If you are referring to George Frideric Handel, the composer, he died in 1759, age, 74.

What is the composer handel last name?

His last name was Handel (HEN-del). His full name is George Frideric Handel.

Who was considered the greatest composer of oratorio?

George Frideric Handel

Who was Bachs favorite composer?

Bach's favourite composer was George Frideric Handel. He [Bach] once said, "If I were to be any composer but myself, I would be Handel."

Who is the composer of the water music?

The most famous Water Music was composed by GF Handel.

Who is the composer of Messiah?

George Frideric Handel: Which is why it is often called "Handel's Messiah" Originally composed 1741 but Handel tweeked it multiple times until 1754.

When did george frideric Handel move to England?

George Frideric Handel moved to England in 1720 and was appointed composer to the chapel royal, a chapel in a royal castle, in 1723