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That was just what they first called themselves. Then they decided that Switchfoot made more sense to be called because they are all surfers and it's a Surfing term.

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Q: Why was Switchfoot called Chin Up?
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What was the original name for the group Switchfoot?

Originally, the band was called "Chin Up." It consisted of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, and Chad Butler. They changed their name in 1997 when they were picked up by re:think Records.

Was the lead singer of Switchfoot in another band?

No but he has a little side project the fiction family This is true but Jonathan(lead vocalist) was in a previous band called Chin up. and Jerome was in a previous band called Fold Zandura.

Did switchfoot break up?

Switchfoot has not broken up. They recently released their album "Hello Hurricane"

What is the new Switchfoot CD called?

Switchfoot's 2009 CD was titled "Hello Hurricane"

How many albums has Switchfoot released?

Switchfoot has recorded and produced a total of 7 albums. They are: * The Legend of Chin * New Way to be Human * Learning to Breathe * The Beautiful Letdown * Nothing is Sound * Oh! Gravity. * The Best Yet They are currently on their 8th album to come this November of 2009 called,"Hello Hurricane".

Is Switchfoot still together or did they break up?

There have been rumors as to if the band Switchfoot has broken up but they are not true. They continue to record in studio and tour together as a group.

What will Switchfoot's newest CD called?

Their 2009 album is called "Hello Hurricane"

When was Chin Up Chin Up created?

Chin Up Chin Up was created in 2001.

When did Chin Up Chin Up end?

Chin Up Chin Up ended in 2009.

Who loves switchfoot?

Me and several others love Switchfoot.

When was Switchfoot created?

Switchfoot became a band in 1996.

Is switchfoot a band?

Yeah, Switchfoot is a Christian band.