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Because she is dominant or not in heat.

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Q: Why wont your female German shepherd let your male German shepherd mount her?
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What is the height for the German Shepherds?

German Shepherd Dog Male: 24-26 inches German Shepherd Dog Female: 22-24 inches

Why has your male German shepherd suddenly started sniffing round my female German shepherd and trying to mount her she has been speyed and he has just started to do this in the last few days?

If she is spayed he is trying to assert his dominance. Dogs mount other dogs to assert their higher range in the pack. Try to discourage it to prevent fights.

What is a male shepherd called?

A male shepherd is a shepherd - A female can be refereed to as a Shepardess

How long does it take for female German shepherds to accept the male?

It tooks about a week for a female German shepherd to eccept a new mate, so don't rush them.

What is your shepherd in Hebrew?

Your shepherd (talking to a male about a male shepherd) = ro'eh shelkha (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a male about a female shepherd) = ro'ah shelkha (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a female about a male shepherd) = ro'eh shelakh (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a female about a female shepherd) = ro'ah shelakh (רועה שלך)

How many pounds should a German shepherd weigh at nine months?

By 9 months a Shepherd should weigh: Male - 31.5kg Female - 27.1kg

What do you call female and male shepherd?

Male is shepherd.Female is shepherdess.Though, nowadays, shepherd is likely to be used for both male or female.

Is a male dog a German shepherd?

Every single breed, in fact every single mammal on this earth has both male and female of each gender. You don't have all male dogs being a German Shepherd and no other breed or else they'll all be extinct.

What is the average life span of a female German Shepherd?

The average life span for German Shepherds -- male and female -- is anywhere from 12 to 14 years.

Can a Female German Shepherd and a Male Yorkie breed?

No that would be very stupid. Yorkies are small and GSD's big.

Can a Maltese get a German shepherd pregnant?

If the male has not been neutered and/or the female has not been spayed, then yes. And unneutered dog can get any unspayed female dog pregnant.

Are German shepherd males stuborn?

No, not all male German Shepherd are stubborn . It just depends on their personality