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impossible, there must be a short or it wouldn't blow. first check to see if anything is crossed, like anywhere as in behind the radio the neg and pos wires are switched. second, check the fuse panel for condensation or water leaks coming from anywhere. and lastly id suggest making sure you have the right amp fuse in there as a buddy of mine did that put a 10 amp fuse in a 20 amp slot and couldn't figure out why it was not working. if uve upgraded the speakers or audio system in anyway that creates a whole new mess of things, like ur aftermarket speakers for example are way too much for the stock built in amp for the dash. for example that but could be soemthing along those lines. for a quick fix try upping the amperage on the fuses til it doesnt blow but i don't recommend that for too long as it may or may not create other problems

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2011-09-13 17:22:20
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Q: Why would the audio fuse continue to blow if there is no short in the radio or CD changer?
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